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Crafted for developers by developers.

Why Super Deployer?

Cut Down engineering time

Elevate your development journey by minimizing developer time upto 90%. Experience the ease of pre-built deployment scripts, expertly managed infrastructure, & effortless support for multiple L2 chains.


Self-managed & full control

Enable developers to host their L2 chains on their own servers, offering cost-efficiency, customisation, and flexibility.


Safe & secure deployer

Your data security is our top priority. Our browser-based app doesn't share or store any of your data, giving you complete control over customization.


All you need to know more

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Effortlessly deploy rollups on devnet and testnet. Self-deployment on the mainnet coming soon.

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Community Driven

Community-driven deployment tool for the dev, by the dev that aims to streamline Optimism ecosystem.

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Hassle Free Deployments

It helps you launch an unlimited number of chains effortlessly without any restrictions.

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Deploy your Rollup Today

Unlike other RAAS, Experience True Autonomy with Our Self-Managed SuperDeployer

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Frequently Asked Questions

SuperDeployer is a free and open-source zero-code development tool, it's designed to simplify rollup deployment on the OP stack. By slashing development time by 90% and offering cost savings of up to 50%, SuperDeployer is on a mission to make blockchain deployment more accessible, efficient, and budget-friendly. It's a powerful tool for those looking to streamline their rollup deployment process without compromising on quality or customization.